Best MX Player Alternatives For Android

MX Player is a media player obtainable on several platforms, most notably Android. For a long time, the MX player was the name that came to mind, every time someone asked me for a good video player for Android.

Its highest-rated video playback app on the Play Store, with over 500 million downloads. However, things may change rapidly as the numero uno video player has been bought by Times Internet, one of the largest media companies in India, for a reported price of $200 million.

While Times Internet may decide to leave the app as it is, they will be integrating its tech and team with their own to ramp up their OTT (Over the Top) video streaming service. This leaves masses of users in the dark as to which video player should they use when MX Player is gone.

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Best MX Player Alternatives For Android In 2019

Here are some of the best and free alternatives to MX Player app that will help you stream and watch videos on your Android phone.

VLC for Android

VLC has ruled the video players market for Windows for a long time. Needless to say, the VLC for Android, though arrived a little late to the scene, instantly captured the market with a simple interface and a robust feature set. Just like the PC version, VLC for Android can play any file format that you can think have including H.265 encoded ones. There are gesture controls that work exactly like on MX Player allowing you to control playback, sound, and brightness/contrast ratio.

  • VLC sparkles in the picture-in-picture mode which is absent in MX Player.

Other notable features include background video playback useful for audio files, hardware acceleration, and video streaming from a network, and the ability to accessing remote files from a local network. VLC for Android is a great alternative to MX Player and though it offers features and is proven to be reliable, there is nothing additional it has in store for users.

HD Video Player

HD Video Player is a praiseworthy contender that takes a different approach.

  • The first thing it does when you launch the app is to scan your device for all the videos and display it under the Video tab. There are two other tabs available – Recent and Folder.
  • Under the Media option, you will see even more options like Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, and Playlist. HD Video Player was built from scratch with both video and audio in mind, making it a more appropriate option if you carry an audio library on your mobile instead of using a streaming service.

These additional features make HD Video Player one of the better alternatives. I wish it had a better sounding name too. Other than that, it offers everything that VLC has to offer like multiple file-formats, decoding, and touch features.

KM Player

KM Player, like VLC, is obtainable for several platforms including Android. KM Players functions a lot like HD Video Player where you will notice dissimilar tabs like OverView, Camera, and WhatsApp. This makes it stress-free to find videos based on the app you are using.

  • There is a distinct shortcut for audio files however there are no tabs here. KM Player shines in the cloud department.
  • You can access video and audio files from Google Drive. You will have to log in from within the app to give it the essential permissions.

KM Player uses KM Connect which allows you to browse videos on your PC using LAN connection. You will have to download and install Connect on your PC.

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